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The World's Best E-Liquid 

Our Complete Lineup (All Flavors)

   Our complete lineup includes 30ml bottles available in a tremendous variety of over 100 flavors, and over 600 flavor and strength combinations. 

   There are three components to eLiquid: nicotine (if you choose, and in the strength you choose), flavoring, and a carrier base. The largest component is the carrier base, and it is actually the carrier base that is atomized into a vapor. Almost all eLiquids sold in the US use propylene glycol (PG) as the carrier base. Although propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe, it is a petroleum distillate and many people report it to be harsh on the throat and lungs.

   The alternative to propylene glycol is Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Although vegetable glycerin is condiserably more expensive at the production level, it does not produce the irritation and chemical taste of propylene glycol. In addition, Vegetable Glycerin produces a much thicker and richer vapor.

   All eLiquids offered here are 100% Vegetable Glycerin based! And to ensure quality and safety, they are manufactured and bottled in an ISO 9001 Quality Control Certified facility. We firmly believe these eLiquids are the absolute best you can buy anywhere!



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