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Kanger AeroTank Turbo

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 Kangertech AeroTank Turbo

World's First Quad-Coil Atomizer!

See IMPORTANT notes at the bottom



Introducing the newest addition to the Kanger AeroTank Series, the Quad-Coil AeroTank Turbo!  Constructed of food grade stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the AeroTank Turbo uses TWO Kanger Bottom Duel Coil (BDC) atomizer cores for an absolutely amazing amount of vapor.  


WARNING: Only use Kanger 1.8 Ohm or 1.5 Ohm cores.  The cores are wired in parallel, so two 1.8 Ohm cores gives a net resistance of 0.9 Ohms; two 1.5 Ohm cores gives a net resistance of 0.75 Ohms.


WARNING:  This is a tank for SERIOUS vapers!  It produces an enormous amount of vapor.

AeroTank Turbo Features:

  • 6.0ml capacity
  • Large Improved Adjustable Airflow Control (all new design)
  • New generation (invisible wick) Bottom Duel Coils 
  • Uses TWO cores simultaneously
  • Replaceable Pyrex glass tank
  • SUS304 Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • Glue Free: All parts are replaceable
  • 510 Removable drip tip

Package comes with:

  • 1 Kanger AeroTank Turbo
  • 1 Removable drip tip
  • 4 New generation 1.8 Ohm BDC cores (2 pre-installed & 2 spares)

For use with:

  • eCigPros Evolution 30 battery


Because of it's Sub-Ohm technology, the AeroTank Turbo is not compatible with eCigPros Original, Mega, or eXtreme must be used with a high-output battery like the eCigPros Evolution 30 with a battery of at least 30 Amps.


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