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CBD Max Chill Shot

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The Fruit Punch flavored 2 ounce, 75 mg CBD Max Chill Shot provides relaxation and convenience. Like all Hemp Bombs products, it contains pure CBD Isolate, and it also contains other natural ingredients to enhance relaxation.


Although Hemp Bombs does say the 2 oz, 75 mg CBD Max Chill Shot is one dose, people will vary in their response to CBD and you may find that you do not require a 75mg dosage to be effective. We recommend that you start with a lower dose of 15-30 mg daily, and especially if you are new to CBD products we recommend that you first use CBD products near bedtime as the relaxation effect can make some people feel a bit sleepy. As you determine how CBD affects you, you may increase the dosage gradually as needed to reach an effective dosage level. Many people find that one 2 oz Max Chill Shot will provide 3 doses at a level that is effective for them, but again due to differences in response to CBD effective dosages will vary between individuals.


We cannot accept CBD product orders from, or ship CBD products to, Alabama or outside of the US.